We perform the cause of the government authorization in Indonesia, mangrove tree-planting program.


Silvofishery project

Indonesia is the world’s best mangrove holder country, but the mangrove forest that was about 4.5 million ha in 1980 decreased to about 2.5 million ha in 2000.
This is said to be caused by logging mangrove for the development and construction of intensive shrimp aquaculture ponds.

Mass throw in of synthetic feeds and antibiotics for intensive shrimp aquaculture. Although the method succeeded in temporarily improving the harvest volume, after two to three years got a poor catch of shrimp by the environmental deterioration of the pond, and shrimp aquaculture itself cannot be done anymore.
And the pond is abandoned and the mangrove forest is newly log for the next aquaculture pond.

The shrimp made in Indonesia is mainly exported to Japan. Mangrove forests have been lost due to the aquaculture of shrimp that we eat.

Collaborating with Politeknik KP Sidoarjo

YLF developed technology in collaboration with the Politeknik KP Sidoarjo to reforest mangrove in 60% of the abandoned aquaculture pond and to cultivate shrimp, crab and fish in the remaining 40%.
In the aquaculture pond implemented Silvofishery, it is no need to throw in feeds and antibiotics by the function of mangrove. In other words, it is a sustainable aquaculture pond.
This bring about the sustainly of the shrimp aquaculture industry in Indonesia and the stability of the living base of local living in the aquaculture.

Now, YLF is conducting activities to spread this technology throughout Indonesia.



Mangrove reforestation growth record

YLF is disclosing information on mangrove reforestation activities in the Republic of Indonesia and information on the subsequent growth, management and nurture of mangrove, so please click on it.

Politeknik KP Sidoarjo(Collaborating project)

(Politeknik KP Sidoarjo training Area, Pasuruan, East Java, Republic of Indonesia) 10.5ha
Collaborating with Politeknik KP Sidoarjo since August 2009. Reforest mangrove in the devastated shrimp pond for the purpose of purifying water quality and soil.